The philosophy behind Vagus Nerve is focused solely on artistic integrity, devoid of any commercial ulterior motives. It’s just a few guys who love hanging out, laughing, and making music together: no egos, no bullshit. Despite 3,000 miles separating half the members, releasing this music in the most organic way possible is all that matters.

Doc Coyle – Guitar

Doc has been a music professional for nearly 20 years, and is most well known as the lead guitarist for defunct metal band, God Forbid, in addition to performing with other heavyweights like Lamb of God, & Unearth. Vagus Nerve’s inception spawned from Doc & vocalist Ravi composing the material that would become the Visceral EP.

Ravi Orr – Vocals

Ravi is an accomplished independent singer, songwriter, & producer. For his solo outfit, Phyllotaxis, Ravi has recorded & played all of the instruments on both records. He has also garnered an online following on his YouTube page, releasing a series of impressive cover songs.

Aden Oxenreider – Bass Guitar

Although Aden plays bass guitar in Vagus Nerve, he is proficient in a multitude of instruments, & contributed much of the electronic elements to the EP. Aden also has a bachelor’s degree in music, & will be releasing a new album for a two-man band with himself and Ravi called Cosm.

Maurice Watson – Drums

Maurice or “Moe” got his start playing gospel in church, but would stretch his abilities playing in a multitude of bands & styles from post-hardcore, rock, deathcore, pop, r&b, & is currently touring with metalcore legends, Shai Hulud. Moe is also a professional music instructor with School of Rock in New Jersey.

Mike Gowen – Guitar

After a rigorous audition process, Mike was the final member to join Vagus Nerve. Mike’s tone, improvisational adventurousness, penchant for melody, & easy going attitude solidified the band’s chemistry. Mike also plays for NYC hard rock band, Mother.


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